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2024 Recital Dancer 101

Hair Details & Tutorial

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 3.44.20 PM.png
  • This year ALL dancers must wear their hair in a low center bun with a center part. The hair should be slicked down/back with no bangs or baby hairs.  

  • BUN NETS are REQUIRED for all dancers wearing a bun.

  • A bun form/donut is an easy way to achieve a nice bun! New dance moms can check our  tutorial video in our Facebook family group or ask in the studio for advice and tips.

  • Dance mom tip: Gel is your friend! Try styling your dancer’s hair while damp and layer on that gel! The gel will help keep the hair smoothed and in place. It also makes changing hair accessories easier.

  • Please style hair in this low bun for dress rehearsal  (dress rehearsal dates and info on next page).

Makeup Details & Tutorial

  • We ask that all dancers wear makeup at the recital, as the stage lights will wash them out. Makeup should be natural tones (no blues, greens or purples!). Blush is a must for all ages. Makeup is NOT needed for dress rehearsal.

  • KINDER DANCERS: Please use blush and light eyeshadow. Lipstick/gloss is good too! 

  • PRIMARY & OLDER DANCERS: If you need guidance with makeup, you can reference the tutorial below. NOTE: WE DON’T EXPECT ANYONE TO BUY THE EXPENSIVE BRANDS IN THIS TUTORIAL!! We are sharing the video simply as a guide/example. You can recreate this same look with less costly products from Target, Walmart, etc. Also, fake lashes are NOT necessary!! Makeup tutorial: 

  • Nails can NOT be bright/bold/glittery. The only acceptable polish will be clear or very light nude.

Before the Show

  • Please be sure each costume, accessory, shoe (literally everything!) is labeled with your child’s name. Place initials or name on the INSIDE of costumes/shoes etc.

  • For both the dress rehearsal and the show, please send costumes on hangers and in garment bags! We want costumes to stay looking nice for the show.

  • Recital T-Shirts should not be cut or altered in any way before the show.

Day of the Show


  • Be sure to bring all costumes and accessories! These should be clearly labeled with your dancer’s name/initials. Costumes should be HANGING and in garment bags (the plastic bag the costumes were sent home in is just fine).

  • Have all shoes labeled and be sure to remove any stickers from the tops of shoes (pre-ballet and tap dancers).

  • Extra tights!! All dancers are required to wear Capezio Light Suntan Transition Tights (1816 or 1916). Snags, tears and rips happen, so it’s a good idea to send an extra pair backstage with your dancer.


  • Please only send items backstage that your dancer will NEED for the show. Dancers shouldn’t bring toys or extra clothing or shoes, etc. If you send an electronic your child the dressing moms will NOT be responsible for it.

  • NO SNACKS will be permitted in the dressing areas!! The venue does not permit outside food or drink and security guards will check all bags and purses when you enter the venue. (There will be concessions available for purchase during intermission for audience members, not dancers) Dancers may bring bottled water.

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