Show Troupe is a performing group that performs in Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Hip-Hop and Lyrical. You may see them around the community, dancing at various events and festivals. In previous years Show Troupe has performed at Disney Springs, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and most recently in front of the Statue of Liberty in New York City. 

2016-2017 Competition Results


"Bad Girls" - 1st Place

"Black Cat" - 1st Place

"Intervention" - 1st Place & Zenith Award

"Control" - 2nd Place

"Hit Me With A Hot Note" - 2nd Place

"Holly Rock" - 2nd Place

"Team" - 1st Place & Zenith Award

"Universe" - 2nd Place

"Here I Come" - 2nd Place & Star Award

"La Jazz Hot" - 2nd Place

"Grace" - 4th Place

"It's Lit" - 2nd Place

"Put a Spell On You" - 2nd Place

"Sweet Dreams" - 1st Place & Star Award

"Move Your Body" - 2nd Place

"To This Day" - 1st Place

"Don't Let Me Go" - 4th Place

"Gotcha" - 3rd Place & Star Award

"Queen Bee" - 3rd Place

Turn It Around

"Writing on The Wall" -Platinum

"Bad Girls" - Platinum

"Salute" - High Gold

"Black Cat" - Platinum

"Intervention" - Platinum & 1st Overall

"Control" - High Gold & 2nd Overall

"Hit Me With A Hot Note" - High Gold

"Holly Rock" - High Gold

"Team" - High Gold

"Night Owls" - High Gold & 3rd Overall

"Bathing Beauties" - High Gold & 1st Overall

"Universe" - High Gold

"Here I Come" - High Gold

"La Jazz Hot" - Gold

"Grace" - High Gold

"It's Lit" - High Gold

"Put a Spell On You" - Platinum & 5th Overall

"Sweet Dreams" - Platinum & 6th Overall

"Move Your Body" - Platinum

"To This Day" - Platinum & 1st Overall

"Don't Let Me Go" - High Gold

"Gotcha" - High Gold

"Queen Bee" - High Gold


922 NE 8th St. Cape Coral, FL 33909