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Dance Mom

Excellent studio that focuses not only on teaching dance but developing a love for it as well. Families are friendly and helpful. The instructors are amazing. My daughter has been dancing here for years and LOVES it.




Dance Mom

Absolutely love this dance studio. It feels like home here. My daughter has been dancing here for more than 5 years now. The staff is amazing. The office is well organized and super helpful. The instructors are knowledgeable and caring. The studio has a great family vibe. The dancers are all really supportive of each other, nothing better than watching kids cheer on one another. It's really a great place!!



Previous Student

It all started with you Misty Christopher! I'll never forget being in your stretch class with the "big girls". We were stretching our hamstrings by sitting on the floor- legs stretched in front of us. You stopped and looked at me and said "Mandy how do big girls sit?" I had no idea and was so scared you called me out. But you pointed out how all the big girls were sitting up tall- not hunched like I was. I remember really focusing on how everyone was dancing around me from that moment and became a sponge. Your passion for teaching was instilled in me then and I take those memories with me as I carry on what you and Charlotte Berisford started all those years ago! I can't say how much it meant that you saw our show and that we got to spend time with you! And I hope we get to do it again. Your approval still means everything it did to me back then."

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