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Pink and Yellow Neon Brush Strokes Crick
1925 NE 10th Terrace Unit 103
Cape Coral, FL

Tel  239-573-7837

Welcome to Dance Dimensions!

Dance Dimensions is a non-competitive dance studio where dancers can experience the joy of performance and dance without the pressures of competition. As adults (parents and teachers) we need to know that our blessings are not the awards that our children win at dance competitions (or any other event). Our blessings are children with healthy bodies who have a passion for the art of dance and theatre…We believe that dance provides learning on many levels, auditory, visual and physical. Dance will benefit children in school and throughout their lives. Performing arts will enrich young lives and develop beautiful minds, bodies and social skills. We will guide and inspire each student creating a lifelong love and appreciation of the art of dance and the stage.  We will build their confidence and to belief in themselves step by step, just as an artist creates a masterpiece.


Our studio offers reasonable pricing with sibling discounts, a staff that respects the individuality of each dancer and a true love of the performing arts, this will enable each student to flourish. Our mission is to instill the love of dance & the theatre in the hearts of each of our students.

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