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Our Commitment to Our Students and Safety Continues...

We are so excited to be returning to in-person classes! We are committed to the safety of our students as well as our staff. Throughout the pandemic we have been following CDC guidelines and sanitation processes. Our updated safety procedures include the following.

Frequent Hand Hygiene & Wellness Precautions:

• Students and staff will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after each class.

• Hand sanitizing stations are present at the entrances as well as in each ballroom.

• Temperature checks will be done upon arrival. Anyone with a temperature will not be permitted inside the studio.

Changes to the Facility and Class Procedures:

• We have adjusted class schedules to reduce waiting room traffic in support of social distancing. If a student has a class break longer than 15 minutes, a parent must be present to wait with that child in the parking lot/car. 

• The waiting room is closed to parents and family members unless specified below. 

• Mommy/Daddy & Me classes: One parent is permitted to attend class with your child. Masks and temperature checks will be required. Street shoes will need to be removed when entering. Siblings, additional family members or strollers will be allowed in the studio.

​• 3- and 4-year-old classes: One parent will be permitted in the waiting room for these dancers. Masks and temperature checks will be required. Parents will socially distance in the waiting room. Street shoes will need to be removed when entering. (Parents in the waiting room are not required, if you/your child is already comfortable at the studio, we would prefer that parents wait outside/in car.) Siblings, additional family members or strollers will be allowed in the studio.

• The drinking fountain will not be available. Dancers should bring a water bottle, labeled with their name.

• Food and eating will not be permitted in the studio.

• Each studio ballroom has marked spots so dancers can practice safe social distancing during class.

• Classes will be dismissed at different times to avoid congestion inside the building.

• We will be avoiding high fives and hugs...but will encourage "low toes."

Increased Sanitation Procedures:

• Between classes all bars and chairs (if used) will be wiped down with disinfectant. Teachers/volunteers in the waiting room will be wiping down door knobs and handles between classes as well.

• At the end of each night, teachers/volunteers will complete extensive sanitation procedures throughout the facility. 

Arrival and Departure:

•  Upon entering the studio, students will remove street shoes (and place them in a plastic bag). Dance shoes should not be worn outside.

• All dancers should enter through the main entrance.

• Students will need to wait on socially distanced arrows on the sidewalk outside. Volunteers will only be allowing a few students to enter at a time, once those students move into their "spots" in the ballroom the next group of students will be welcomed inside.

• Backpacks and duffle bags will NOT be permitted inside the studio. Dancer may carry a small drawstring bag or disposable bag (i.e. Publix bag) to carry these necessary items.

Bathroom Use:

• While we have two bathrooms in the waiting area, only one will be open to students. The other will be a staff-only restroom. (The bathroom inside the Purple room will be closed to everyone).

• After each bathroom use we will ask if hands have been washed, and hand sanitizer will be reapplied as the student reenters the dance room.


• Staff and volunteers will be wearing masks in the waiting room, during drop off and pick up times, and when social distancing is not possible.

• Masks are required by ALL dancers over the age of 2 while in the waiting room, during class transitions and when social distancing is not possible. Masks can be removed once a dancer has moved into the ballroom is in his/her socially distanced/marked area.

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