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2022 Rehearsal Schedules

  • For these all dates listed, dancers need to bring shoes that will be worn in the show.

  • Please be sure your dancer is on time.

  • Find your dancer’s classes/songs to know when he/she needs to be at rehearsals. (He/She may have more than one call time, so check the entire list).

  • Parents (unless you are a dressing mom) will NOT be allowed in the studio during rehearsals. Please drop your child off at main studio door.

  • Please be sure your dancer brings her water bottle!

  • The first week of rehearsal (May 23 & 24) will NOT be in costume. Send your dancer in regular dancewear.

  • We WILL have a full dress rehearsal the second week (May 31 & June 1). For dress rehearsal dancers MUST bring all costumes and accessories (BE SURE TO LABEL EVERYTHING). Hair must also be show-ready in a low bun with a center part on these days (make-up is not required for dress rehearsal).

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